The cooks at Community Meals are always looking for ways to add to our pantry supplies and are frequently lacking fresh produce and fruit. During the growing seasons there are many ways people can help us besides meal preparation and serving. For example, we envision using our local resources that may be underutilized to grow or glean produce and fruit for use in our kitchen or donate to Columbia Pacific Food Bank. We already have people who have offered to help with this project and we have a coordinator. Following is a list of possible ways you can become involved or recycle your excess.

  • Donate excess produce or fruit to our kitchen pantry or the food bank.
  • Grow extra rows of food in your garden or on your farm.
  • Make available a garden spot that is not being used but could grow produce.
  • Teach or help others to garden.
  • Volunteer to weed, water, or harvest in our gardens.
  • Recycle tools such as hoes, shovels, wheelbarrows, garden stakes and hoses that are not being used.
  • Compost and give to other gardeners or use in your garden. 
(We’ll keep a list of people wanting compost.)

There are many more ways we all can be a part of a sustainable, healthy community. Paulette is our contact person and can be reached at, or phone 503-366-6959 

St. Helens Community Garden  -  Please help with our Community Meals garden plot at the Senior Center?  Scott Bauska, is a Master Gardener and spends many hours in this garden  -- If you would like to join in and help the happy gardeners, please email him  .

Gardening and Produce Sharing
Community Meals would not survive without donations that we receive from various organizations and individuals.  There is a tremendous spirit of generosity within our communities for which we are very appreciative.  

A partial list of our current needs are:
Monetary donations for purchasing food and supplies 
Donations of meat and produce
Large cooking pots and pans 
Large glass or plastic serving bowls
Paper products other than plates and bowls
(How to donate? Please email our coordinators listed on our
 Contact Us page)
Please also donate to Columbia Pacific Food Bank

Information Sheets - print here

Print our Community Meals flyers here   (PDF format -  flyer on page 2).  Please post or give to others.

Home bakers - each time you bake and donate food to Community Meals, please complete the Benevolent Meal Form and turn in with your food donation. Click here to access the form for printing at home. If you would like to volunteer to be a baker, use the contact us page to contact Kathy Bauska.

If you are a member of our group of volunteers, you should have a copy of our Emergency Contact Information sheet on file with Community Meals. The form is available here. Please print off, fill out and turn into Kathy Bauska.

Application for Volunteering - click here

 Thank you to all the workers at the Community Garden for providing so many pounds of produce for  the nutritious meals we serve our guests.